Soulor Research provides freely published research regarding public securities. We are independent and form our own perspectives. Our perspectives are the result of unwavering commitment to our Core Values. 


Core Values:

  1. Integrity - Honesty with a strong moral compass
  2. Independent - Forming our own opinion and not needing validation from others
  3. Curious - The pursuit of excellence in our knowledge and expertise
  4. Discipline - The ability to apply ourselves and follow frameworks
  5. Humility - The recognition that we have and will make mistakes
  6. Trustworthiness - Responsibility for our behavior


Nicolas Carreras is the founder and Director of Research at Soulor Research. He has over a decade of experience working in the financial services sector around the world. He worked as an Investment Banker advising companies on: (1) over $30bn of executed M&A transactions; (2) over $20bn of executed Credit transactions; and (3) over $2bn of executed Equity transactions. He also worked as a buy side and sell side research analyst. In addition, he is an established long distance athlete completing: (1) over 35 triathlons (ranging from full distance Ironman to Sprint events); (2) numerous bicycle races; (3) several marathons; and (4) numerous other athletic events. For the last 11 years, he has trained and competed with his wife (who has completed even more long distance athletic events).